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Green Building Practices

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A member of Built Green®, Park Vista Builders incorporates many environmentally friendly practices to build green homes

With a focus on green building practices, Park Vista Builders takes great pride in specifying products, using building materials, and applying construction practices that are environmentally friendly. In fact, we’re proud to be recognized as a member of the Built Green® builder program. Built Green® is a non-profit, residential building program created to set standards of excellence that can make a significant impact on housing, health, and the environment.

Built Green’s established standards for new construction promote energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and conserving natural resources and water quality. By implementing the Built Green® program, Park Vista Builders’ projects are better built – and better for the environment.


While we don’t want to blow our own horn, we’d like to point out that…

  • We have extremely high standards – As green builders, our standards often exceed the “green” standards designated by the Built Green® program!
  • We were on the forefront of “green” building practices – Park Vista Builders’ Owner & President, George Parsons, was building green homes in the late 1990s when he worked for a national home building company. This builder was on the leading edge of incorporating environmentally friendly building practices, and much of these groundbreaking practices were implemented into the Built Green® program!
  • We build “green” because we WANT to (not because we have to) – We seek ways to utilize recycled materials to help the environment and provide efficient homes when it comes to heating and cooling. This has a positive impact on the environment, reduces the homeowner’s utility costs, and minimizes the carbon footprint of every home we build.
  • We know that building green is important to people who choose to live in Colorado – Our clients (home buyers) seem to have a greater awareness, understanding, and desire to hire a green builder in Douglas, El Paso, and Teller Counties. That’s one reason Park Vista Builders is the green builder they choose!

Here are just a handful of ways we build green custom homes:

  • As an A-1 licensed general contractor, we draw on this expertise to use as many materials as possible that are recycled and, of course, meet industry standards. An example is OSB oriented stand board for exterior sheeting on walls, roof decking, and floor decking.
  • Our green building practices include the use of high-efficiency insulation. When constructing the house, we use 2×6 framing, which allows for a higher R value in perimeter walls. Plus, we add foam insulation in our box joists to prevent air infiltration. All this contributes to a tightly built house with fewer air leaks. These green building practices have a two-fold benefit: less utilities are used (which is great for the environment), and the house is comfortable year-round (which is great for you, the home owner).
  • Inside the custom homes we build, we install energy-efficient kitchen appliances, and our standard furnace is 93% energy efficient. Plus, we install flow devices in faucets to conserve water.
  • On the windows, we apply low E film, which combats UV infiltration into the home. It’s also a reflective agent that helps to minimize the amount of heat brought into the home. Of course this directly impacts heating/cooling and energy use. Plus, our clients love that it also protects their furnishings and window treatments.

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